Thursday, September 9, 2010


A retelling of the myth of Orpheus in modern times. At the wedding of Eurydice and Orpheus, Eurydice goes off by herself to get some water. Although they love each other, they are not the most alike of couples. She is met by a mysterious man who claims to have a letter from her father, and when she follows him to his apartment, she ends up in Hades, the realm of the dead. Like in the original story, Orpheus then travels to Hades to rescue her. In Hades, Eurydice does meet her father, and she becomes torn between the desire to stay with her father and the desire to go back to Orpheus. Her conversations with her father in Hades are lightened by the sort of Greek chorus-esque chiming of three stones. In the end, Orpheus comes to rescue her, and as in the myth. The Lord of the Underworld allows him to take her on the condition that he cannot look back at her as they climb out of Hades. However, as they leave Hades, Eurydice cries out, and Orpheus looks back. As promised by the Lord of the Underworld, she fades away, heading back to Hades.
Eurydice  -  lead
Orpheus   -  lead  
Eurydice's Father  lead  
Loud Stone  spoken  
Little Stone  spoken  
Big Stone  spoken
Chorus of Stones (many)
Nasty Interesting Man  - supporting  
Lord of the Underworld  - supporting

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